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‚ÄčDr. Alicia Adams serving on Partner Talk Show panel for Civitas Learning in 2014.

Change is constant and it's difficult to assess your employees' reaction to change.  Even the most dedicated and motivated employees can become change weary.  As you begin to respond to the unprecedented change we're all experiencing, "take the temperature" of your employees using the Leading Strategies Group Change Initiative. All you do is e-mail a link to your staff and they complete a short 10-minute survey. Leading Strategies Group will provide you with a report that explains the best strategies your can use to address your employees' needs right now.

Leading Strategies Group founder, Dr. Alicia Adams, developed and nationally validated a multidimensional tool to assess employee change reactions and determine leadership strategies for implementation. 

As a former Vice President for Research & Planning at a regional university and developer of a nationally funded K-12 teacher professional development model, Dr. Adams led teams of professionals to accomplish many goals.  She has studied change management for almost 20 years. Contact Leading Strategies Group to supplement your ever growing responsibilities and give your employees a strategic advantage.